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Leisure as a stress buster

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Leisure is known to be as a free time where an individual performs pleasurable activities after he is free from his responsibilities and demands of work in daily life in the course of the day. The role which is played by leisure activities in faciliating psychological well-being and reducing stress level of individual is timeless topic and there seems a linkage between all these dimensions based on what type of leisure activity they are engaged in. leisure activities acts as a beneficial factor in life. while a variety of links are addressed between types of leisure activities and psychological wellbeing. For many leisure has been regarded as vital and essential for satisfaction of life and is considered beneficial in reducing stress and impaires psychological wellbeing and thus leisure activities are done for own sake and self-satisfaction and hence they are worthwhile. This article will provide insight into how stress and psychological wellbeing are associated with leisure activities and its impacts on life.

Leisure activities are considered as one of the best way to cope up with mental health issues. Today, with a hectic lifestyle, finding a way to balance life pressures with physical and mental well-being has become vital, especially in light of our busy lifestyle.

Mental health benefits of leisure activities:

1. Lowers level of stress: Engaging in physical activities such as Outdoor games, Gym, walking, playing outdoor games reduces stress and keep an human physically fit as well.

2. A better sense of direction: Leisure activities such as reading, listening to latest news, etc gives a clear vision and a proper goal in life is what keeps us moving. when a perform such recreational activities daily, it becomes a part of our life and you know there is something to look forward in which order we are supposed to work.

3. Reduced Anxiety and Depression Symptoms: Taking part in hobbies or recreational activities outdoors or indoors is shown to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. These hobbies and recreational activities also mitigate pre-existing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

4. Positive mood: When we participate in leisure activities, we feel a sense of enjoyment that releases happiness hormones. These hormones boost our mood and make us feel happy

5. Quality sleep: Recreational activities can help us burn enough energy during the day to get our bodies the signal to rest. Once our bodies are alerted to the need for rest, we are able to have quality sleep at night.

6. Reduction of mental fatigue: Our mental fatigue increases as our phone beeps each time, our desire to binge watch Netflix, our endless traffic hours, and other such distractions become inseparable parts of our lives. We have so many tabs open in our brain that switching between them drains us.

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