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In an endeavor to cater people throughout the globe, we have world class facilities with a touch of homely atmosphere. The residents will have vivid and diverse experience to interact with various people with mental health problems and from different background which in itself has its therapeutic effect. We provide patients with all necessary well maintained amenities, while maintaining an attitude of recovery.

Following facilities are currently available at the centre:

  • 70 Inpatient capacities with an option of general, semi deluxe and deluxe rooms

  • In-house pantry, preparing and serving hygienic and nutritious food

  • Generator for uninterrupted power supply

4 Sharing Rooms Photos
Dining Area
3 Sharing Rooms Photos
2 Sharing Rooms Photos
Main Building Photo

Security: 24 x 7 Under CCTV surveillance, Fire Safety and highly skilled Security Staff.

CCTV Camera

Fitness: Gymnasium, Yoga and Meditation Room

Gym Area Photo
Tredmill Photo
Tredmill and Patient
Carrom and Gym

Recreation: Outdoor Games – Football, Volleyball; Indoor Games – Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Memory Games, etc.

Chess Board Game
Carrom Board Game
TV Area
Volly Ball Game


  1. Testing Intelligence (IQ Test): Intelligence is the ability to learn and apply knowledge. The clinic assesses intelligence using latest editions of internationally used IQ tests for children and adults.

  2. Test for Learning Disability: These tests help to assess a child's basic academic skills such as reading, writing, comprehension, spelling and arithmetic. These specialized test give assessment of child's level of functioning in specific tasks and helps understand areas of deficit.

  3. Test for Assessing ADHD: Screening tests for ADHD help assess the level of the problems.

  4. Personality Assessment: It is an assessment that involves the administration, scoring and interpretation of personality traits and styles to refine clinical diagnoses and assists in further therapy sessions.

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