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Coping with Change

'Change is the only constant in life. Facing the fear and new normal. The different ways in which people tend to approach change, the reactions that you might have, and know how to best go with it.

Following our some of the ways of coping -

Escape hoping - it is based on avoidance.

Control coping - it is positive and proactive.

Problem-focused strategy - these will focus on problem itself.

Emotion-focused strategy- these will focus on their feelings rather than the problem.

Also some stages -

1) Shock and Disorientation

2) Anger and other Emotional responses

3) Coping to terms with the "New Normal"

4) Acceptance and moving forward

Use some positive coping skills like - Humour, Reframe your thinking, Gratitude, Adaption, take time to reflect, count your blessings.

You can also -

1. Make a pros and cons list

2. Involve your kids in problem-solving

3. Seek help.

4. Change could be positive or negative, it is unsettled because people seek stability while struggling to it.

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