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Attitudes / Behavior

Attitude is something related to our thought process, thinking and often leads to behaviour. There's no accurate pattern for one's own behavior. Some types of attitude include - Positive attitude, Negative attitude, Neutral attitude, Sikken attitude. Most likely it tends to be hereditary or genetic or maybe situation makes them to adapt certain attitude. Gradually the attitude becomes part of their personalities and that cannot be blamed at last stage. Another reason could be the treatment given to a person by their families or friends or peer group that moulds the personality and develops attitude.

How to reduce/manage attitude?

1. Start taking responsibility for your own attitude instead of blaming.

2. Evaluate your attitude, start rationale reasoning to it. Find out what exactly needs to be changed.

3. Develop thoughts and desire to improve it / change your thought process.

4. Develop good habits and try to connect with positive people.

5. Avoid negative news, realize that your attitude is entirely upon you.

6. Learn to Love yourself.

7. Be grateful for everything good in your life.

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