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6 Way to Reduce Stress...

1. Remove uncertainty - How is this similar to what you have done before? 2. Be Proactive - What can you do to improve the situation? 3. Reframing - View the task as an opportunity not a threat. 4. Best case scenario - Focus on what you stand to gain, not what you stand to lose. 5. Get a good night's sleep - It's the way the brain works, everything seems worse when you are really tired. 6. Talk to someone - Don't struggle in silence. #StayHome #Coronavirus #FightwithCorona #RehabCentreforDrugAddicts #RehabCentreforAlcoholAddicts #RehabilitationCentreMumbai #DeaddictionCentreMumbai #NashMuktiKendraMumbai #RehabilitationCentreforAlcoholAddicts #RehabilitationCentreforDrugAddicts For Help Please Call on – 9172909091.

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