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Roshni Rehabilitation is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre spread over an area of 65340 sq ft located in Karjat, Maharashtra. One of the best facilities available for patients staying in and around Mumbai and Pune, for that proper care and attention. We provide our patients with all luxury lifestyle amenities they have come to expect. Our accommodations mirror our philosophy that patients should not have to sacrifice or compromise their lifestyles during their treatment. From our large, fully appointed rooms to our gourmet food, reading area, fitness facilities, beautifully landscaped grounds, attached kitchen.

Our dietary consultant blends a unique combination of holistic nutrition and an understanding of the pleasures of fine hedonistic tastes. Quality food and healthy eating habits are an integral part of patient recovery. A healthy diet can help patients expedite their healing process and give with them the energy and vitality they need to sustain their recovery. We make every effort to accommodate all reasonable requests, and are here to keep patients happy, healthy and focused on recovery.

The location of our centre is pleasant and helpful to individuals who want to recover and rediscover in calm and serene environment. Our centre is located on the outskirts of the city with easy accessibility by train and road. We are one of the leading rehabilitation centres in Maharashtra with modernized facility and therapy activity. Our centre has the best psychologists, counsellors and in-house staff having experience of more than 10 years with proper bedrooms, recreational area, gym, yoga area and open spaces for other activities.

We follow globally accepted program such as 12 Step Program, CBT, DBT and REBT at our centre. Our attitude is to provide complete substance abuse recovery, behavioral health services and complete rehabilitation centre to facilitate individuals and families to attain and maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle with a clear focus on the quality of service and care.

Main Building of Roshni Rehabilitation Centre, Karjat

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