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· Persistent low mood

· Lack of interest in Hobbies, Social Outing, Grooming, Work or Academics

· Loss of confidence

· Losing temper frequently and inappropriately

· Thoughts or acts of harming self or others

· Unusual spending of money, Excessive hand washing or cleaning behaviour

· Pre occupation with unnecessary thoughts, images or fantasies leading to distress in other areas of life

· Excessive Restlessness, Anxiety, Fear of Death, Closed Spaces or other phobias

· Suspiciousness, Hearing Voices

· Excessive use or loss of control over of Tobacco or Drugs (Alcohol, Sleeping Pills, Hash, Weed, Ganja, Charas, Meth, Crystal, Corex Syrup, Inhalants, Broun Sugar etc.)

· Forgetfulness, Poor Concentration (Inappropriate for age situation)

· Academic difficulties, Hyperactivity

· Persistent headache or body pain not relieved with other treatments

· Sleep and/or Sexual problems

· Adjustment issues eg. Post Delivery, Marriage, Divorce, Workplace, Old Age.

For Help Please Call on – 9172909091.

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