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Identify Anxiety trigger points and stop overthinking

Trigger means something to activate anything!

Our mind makes associations. Trigger a connector!

1. This connector can also be visual which can be visible to us.

2. It can also be auditory which we can hear.

3. This may also be related to your feelings.

Any of the five senses within you can be a trigger point.

Which connects you to something. Any such trigger point has been set in the mind of a person. And whenever he is exposed to the trigger. So he has some belief related to it or he has some behavior related to it. Now this does not mean that if he is having any behavior then he cannot have any belief from it or if he has any belief in his mind then there cannot be any behavior related to it. But first, anything can be reflected. So there is a trigger inside us and beliefs come So meta belief comes inside the mind, meta means beyond! Or there is a behavior associated with your trigger. So could it be mental or physical Which can be shown to other people?

Our brain can have both negative and positive triggers! If there are negative triggers in our mind, whether it is beliefs or behavior s̲o̲ We have to look at the meta beliefs as to why this is happening.

What if there is some fear or threat in our meta beliefs and we fight it, face it So every time will be attacked on trigger, and due to this, the trigger will become weak. But what if you are Flight or Freezing, surrendering to the situation, running away from So here your overthinking/worry chain will be formed.

Because our mind makes connections.. Links one thing to another and another to the third Associates them, keeps connecting them. So your overthinking will develop. A chain of worry will be formed. This will increase your anxiety and It will come on the body also. So of course does the person want to avoid it Or he start doing some compulsion which gives him temporary relief? This further reinforces the problem. And whatever trigger is yours becomes stronger.

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