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Dr A. Sankarnarayan (Psychiatrist)

Dr A. Sankarnarayan, MBBS MD Psychiatry, Has done his MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Nagpur, did his MD psychiatry from Govt. Medical College, Calicut. He is working in field of psychiatry since last 12 years. He has extensive experience in treating all psychiatric illnesses, conducting deaddiction treatment, Child psychiatry. He was consultant psychiatrist various DEADDICTION centers. He is currently Director of POSITIVE MINDS Neuropsychiatry clinic and DEADDICTION centre.

Dr Aneesh Bhat is a Psychiatris In Mumbai

Dr. Sajid Ali Khan (Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist)

Dr. Sajid Ali Khan is one of the leading Psychiatrists in Mumbai. He is renowned for his work and has committed himself not only for the patient, but also for the betterment of the society for more than 15 years. His area of specialization is addiction, mental problems, child and adolescent psychiatry.

He is attached to hospitals like M.H. Saboo Siddik Hospital, Dongri and Kohinoor Hospital, Kurla. He is available for consultation at Mind Clinic, Kurla, Kohinoor Hospital, Kurla and M. H. Saboo Siddik Hospital, Dongri. He has attended several National and International conferences. He has served people who required proper support and guidance in the addiction field. He is a firm believer in 12 Step Program which deals with addicts and their families.

Dr Sajid Ali Khan is a Best Psychiatris In Mumbai

Nitu Rai (Clinical Psychologist)

Nitu Rai is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist who has a dynamic personality and extensive experience of more than 5 years in dealing with a range of psychiatric disorders including mood disorders, anxiety, a range of issues involving Addiction, Anger Management, Adjustment and Relationship problems, NLP Training, Speech Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Children workshops, Parenting guidance, Behaviour modification, Study skills training and career guidance.

She has done her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from SNDT University known for its excellence in the field of Psychology.  She is NLP Trainer and Life Skills Trainer. She is currently a consulting Clinical Psychologist at Dr Sajid’s MIND Clinic, Kurla, Life Care Wellness Clinic & Research Centre, Mumbai Central and Psychiatry Clinic and Rehabilitation Centre of Sarvodaya Hospital, Ghatkopar.

Dr Nitu Rai is Psychologist

Imran Saeed (Clinical Hypnotherapist & Management Analyst)

He is an integrated clinical Hypnotherapist and a management analyst, who hold a degree from California Hypnosis Institute, Mumbai. His therapies, counseling, workshop, and other modalities is considered to be the most effective and result-oriented. Hypnotherapy helps people to overcome a wide range of psychological and physical conditions like De-addiction, Failure or regret handling, panic attacks, sleep problems, lack of confidence, hysteria, unwanted habits like smoking, and other addictions by putting suggestions to their subconscious mind. He also supervises the services of Roshni Rehabilitation Centre’s patients, both for In-patient and Out-patient monitoring, scheduling, and productivity levels to assure quality control and departmental efficiency.

Dr Imran Sayeed is a Psychotherapist in Mumbai

Aanishka Agrawal (Counseling Psychologist)

Ms. Aanishka is a Counseling Psychologist and an anxiety specialist, with an extensive experience at dealing with various clinical as well as de-addiction concerns. She works comprehensively as a group facilitator, family therapist, and psychometrician. She has also completed various certifications such as CBT, REBT, psychological first aid, Trauma Informed Therapy and is currently working under supervision to aid the process of rehabilitation for the patients.

Aaniska Agrawal

Dr. Afzal Shaikh (Founder & Managing Director)

Mr. Afzal has been active and got a rich experience of about 15 years in working with individuals and their families who have alcohol addiction and drug-related issues. After handling so many cases along with expertise of therapists, psychologists, and recovering addicts he thought of setting up a rehabilitation centre which not only focused on de-addiction but as a whole help individuals and their families to overcome all the issues related to mental health.

His inclination to serve society, lead him to form Roshni Rehabilitation Centre which has a modernized facility as well as globally accepted program to provide complete substance abuse recovery and behavioral health services. His approach has been very much focused and he has kept his team with experts in the industry, so that they can deliver quality service.

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