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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:- Some thoughts that a person knows that thought has no meaning and wants to control and even after trying hard, he cannot control it and is forced to think continuously. Their thoughts arise from small worries, gradually increasing in magnitude with the number of thoughts.

Symptoms:- Fear of getting contaminated by people and dirty things around.

1. Unexpected thoughts.

2. Thoughts of harming others or self.

3. Recurring irrational thoughts.

4. Fear of a serious or life-threatening illness.

Things are not clear, thinking of cleaning them again and again. In the amount of thoughts that a person starts to work for him, and when he does his work, he doesn’t care about himself, if he stops working, he makes us restless when someone shows anger, he starts crying.

How to Control Overthinking:- If it is the beginning of symptoms then how can I correct myself like keeping myself busy at work, don’t give importance to thoughts, keeping hobby work, trying to divert your mind, listening to music etc. If overthinking is enough and control is not happening from time to time take the help of Psyctric doctors and psychologists.

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