Manipulation by Addiction patients

How do you know you are manipulated?

When you care about someone with an addiction you may find some of their behaviour upsetting and confusing. 2 common threads you observe in nearly all addictions are LYING and MANIPULATION on the part of person abusing drugs or alcohol.

Ways of manipulation by addicted individual: -

1) Asking for money

2) Causing fights

3) Isolating and self-harm

4) Guilt - tripping

5) Being overly nice

6) Emotional blackmail.

How to spot manipulation?

- Preying on your emotional, physical or monetary fears

- Arresting power & importance over your life

- Acting kind & attentive only when they want something from you

- Leaving your feelings used, confused, bullied, guilty

- Using black - white language like 'always' or 'never' when describing themselves or someone else.

Coping with manipulation: -

- Create boundaries

- Avoid enabling

- Listen actively

- Care for yourself

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