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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

One of the commonest problems that clients come in the session for are interpersonal conflicts. When not handled well having repeated fights with your loved ones can seriously reduce the quality of your life and can easily push into depression.

Here are some simple but effective tips to cope with the fights as healthy as possible

1. Resist to impulse to fight more to do something rush to prove your point. Instead to take a INTENTIONAL TIME OUT from the fight and engage yourself in other activities like cleaning, exercise, stepping out for a walk, etc.

2. Remember that even the healthiest of relationships and friendships have fights and misunderstandings so fighting is extremely COMMON

It doesn't mean that anything is wrong either of you.

3. Once you both have had sometimes try to startup the conversation by expressing your point of view clearly without the following things:


Blame game

High pitched voice


Verbal abuses.

4. Differentiate between the PERSON and BEHAVIOUR that you are upset about this will help you to show compassion to each other and you accept that you won't agree on everything with your partner friend or parents

5. Engage in a activity that both of you like watch a commonly favourite show. Laugh about funny memory you shared together. or simply apologize for the fight and share what you like about each other.

6. Discuss with the other person what they would like to do so that there are not more fights/arguments about the same topic if at all the situation comes again.

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