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What is a Relapse?

Relapse is a medical condition that means the sudden occurrence of a past disorder or disease.

The person again gets affected by the same disorder that affected him in the past. This could be a physical disorder or mental disorder such as depression bipolar or addiction to a drug.

Relapse often occurs in the following stages:

Emotional relapse, Mental relapse, physical relapse. Each stage is characterized by feelings thoughts and actions that ultimately lead to individuals returning to their old past behavior.

Relapse is thought to be multi-determined, especially by self-efficacy, outcome expectancies, craving, motivation, coping, emotional states, and interpersonal factors.

Positive affect and functional social support are expected to predict positive outcomes.

Therapists and psychologists perform certain therapies like Relapse therapy, (Relapse prevention specialist, counseling) Along with medicines prescribed by doctors.

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