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Somatic Disorder

Person having this involves significant focus on physical symptoms such as certain pain, weakness, or shortness of breath that results in major distress and/or problems functioning. The individual has excessive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours relating to physical symptoms.

Conversion Disorder - is the mental condition which up person has blindness paralysis or other nervous system symptoms that you not be explained by medical evaluation.

Most of the time individual feels that he is suffering from some pain that cannot be explained.

Somatic symptoms are nothing but belief that you have a medical condition. It is an extreme/ constant anxiety related to health.

Believing that your doctor hasn't given you proper examination or treatment.

Worrying that physical activity will harm your body

Psychotherapy also called talk therapy is a good step in treating the somatic disorder. Cognitive behaviour therapy is helpful for this disorder. Therapist helps to identify negative or irrational thoughts and patterns. Also helps to manage anxiety about your health as well as other mental health conditions.

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