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Covid-19 phase 2 begins.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Covid-19 phase 2 begins. According to doctors, they say it is more dangerous than the 1st phase. As there are new symptoms seen in Coronavirus. Doctors do their best to save every Life each second. We all know the causes of covid-19 also the symptoms that infect us.

No doubt individual in today's situation is worried, stressed, depressed, panicked. For all the negative things happening around. This affects our physical health and well as mental health.

But still, you have to be your own survivor as well as your family members.

We can definitely overcome this horrible situation of covid-19 by doing certain things that keep us away n safe from the virus.

1. Firstly u need to stay calm.

2. Stay home

3. Focus on What you are feeling in your body.

4. Eat well.

5. Keep your body hydrated.

6. Breath slowly in and out.

7. Avoid using public transport and getting into crowds.

8. Stay in touch with your doctor.

9. Mild illness symptoms can be recovered at home.

Stay focused on the news information but don't obsessively check it.

Step away from media if it overwhelms you.

Wash your hands frequently with soap. Use sanitizer.

Avoid touching your face.

Understanding your Anxiety

It is natural that you get concerned with things happening around you and that brings a lot of negativity. But you have to deal with it in a positive way.

By staying home u could focus on all those things that distract you from negative thoughts.

Invest time in cooking, cleaning the house, spending time with family, Explore your new qualities. Get to know yourself more also your family members.

To overcome certain stressful event that worries you or invites anxiety you can do small activity given as follows-

1) write down certain worries that disturb you and your thoughts that lead to unwanted behavior.

2) Make a list of all possible solutions that u can do to resolve the issue that causes worry.

No perfect solution required. Just come up with some ideas that can be helpful and you can try.

3) Focus and gain self-confidence and strength that You can solve the problem or change it somehow.

4) Finally, you evaluate the things that are in your control and slowly try to overcome them.

Nobody is perfect and there isn't anyone with zero problems. Everyone is dealing with some or other issues.

So instead of sitting ideal and getting more anxiety, you can keep exploring and resolving it.

This will help you in keeping yourself in a good mental state. With no frustration and depression.

Stay kind to each person.

Talk to the people in your contact.

Listen to them at least.

Be helpful.

Try as much as help possible from you by following all the safety guidelines.

Stay fit mentally and physically.

For More Information, Please Call on – 90828 97659.

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