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Biopsychosocial Model to Understand Mental Health Problems

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Sometimes we wonder that why is our mental health not as good as others around us, or what are the causes of poor MH conditions. When we do arrive at a conclusion, it often puts us in a higher dilemma to understand where and how it led us to the end goal. For this, the bio-psycho-social model has been widely used to understand the concept of mental health well-being in simpler components.

In the old times, we saw that mental health conditions were often looked upon like any other physical illness where in most of the treatment were based on physical symptoms of the disorder however this approach helps us understand much more than that.

The bio-psycho-social model is culmination of 3 different aspects of a person’s life.

1. Biological/Physical aspects: This aspect consists of the biological functioning of our brain, other organs, neurotransmitters, hormones etc. In this case, a lot is often looked up in terms of genetics, brain damage and it’s chemistry.

2. Social aspects: This area includes of a person’s social relationships like family, society, work, friends etc. It also intel of their participation in daily life interactions, early life experiences, past and present trauma etc. (e.g. life traumas and stresses, early life experiences and family relationships)

3. Psychological aspects: This often includes the way they cope with their adversities, how they communicate their issues and needs to self and others, their general outlook towards life and the choices that they make towards change.

All three of these aspects are intertwined with one another and have an associated effect on a person’s overall health. Therefore, a disruption in one area of such can cause significant concerns when it comes to overall well -being a person. The similar way, extra strength in either part of the model can help a person cope with adversities at other end of the model.

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